It’s Easy to Sit. It’s harder to Climb. So Climb!

Posted on Feb 20, 2014 under Personal Development

Life is a journey, a challenge to be mastered, but more importantly, to be learned from. But lessons, and the growth they promote, don’t come to us by taking the easy path. Downhill is still downhill. It takes you to the bottom. Paths of least resistance have always been attractive … until you get to where such paths take us.


The Perfection of Imperfection

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 under Identity

We are all different, doing different things, living different lives, coming to this point in time, right now as you read these words from different trajectories with different backgrounds and circumstances. So why do we think we all need to do the same things, look the same way, act like everyone else and live the same lives? The obvious answer is that we don’t!


Allegory of the Long Spoons (how to make heaven on earth)

Posted on Feb 17, 2014 under Character & Values

Have you heard of the parable of the long spoons? It goes something like this: A man was once taken on a tour of hell and was surprised by what he saw …


Pithy Love (24 of my favorite amorous one-liners)

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 under Love & Relationships

For this Valentine’s Day, I offer you some of my most pithy thoughts on humanity’s favorite topic. Perhaps you’ll even find a nugget of wisdom buried amongst all the pith as well!

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Today is the Day (make it matter)

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 under Excellence

Today is a wholly new day unlike any previous set of 24 hours. This day will never reoccur. It will never return. It is unique unto itself. How are you going to live it?


How to Reach Higher than You Thought You Could (4 options you never considered)

Posted on Feb 10, 2014 under Personal Development

Life has the tendency of stretching us, calling from us more than we thought we had inside. The miracle of this process is that when we stretch, we rarely return to the same dimension we were before the stretch.


How to Procrastinate (for greater success and happiness)

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 under Productivity

Procrastination is an insidious habit that makes life more hectic, hurried and panicked. It robs us of peace, undermines excellence and degrades the joy that excellence produces. But does procrastination always undermine excellence, happiness and peace? Perhaps not.


How to Fall Madly in Love with your Goals (personal development finally made fun!)

Posted on Jan 27, 2014 under Personal Development

Only 8% of goal-setters ever reach the goals they set. But the problem may be less an issue of will and more an issue of the kinds of goals you’re setting. Learn the best way to set the goals you will always enjoy pursuing and will more likely and easily reach.


How to Change the World (the secret of Martin Luther King’s success )

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 under Influence

Martin Luther King led a movement not merely by virtue of his character or charisma, but because he was able to get others to catch the vision he regularly articulated. He was thereby able to convince the nation that his dream was not only worth fighting for, but was the only dream worthy of having.


Schooled on Life by a 7-Year Old

Posted on Jan 13, 2014 under Personal Development

  The great thing about having children is that you get instant feedback on how you’re doing as a parent. Granted, some parents likely turn that button off real quick with punitive retaliation because the […]


3 Essential Truths Taught by my 7-Year Old Happiness Guru

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 under Happiness

My favorite Life Coach, Zen Master and Guru of Happiness has never written a book, never meditated atop a snow capped mountain and has never spoken to an audience gathered at his feet to absorb the richness of his wisdom. His name is Jacob. And he’s my son. But the truths he’s taught me has made me a better (and happier) person.


5 Reasons Personal Development has Failed You (and how to turn it around)

Posted on Dec 30, 2013 under Personal Development

For me, personal development is all about self-respect. It’s an expression of faith in one’s own potential. But it also reflects the sense of moral responsibility I feel to improve on the raw materials God and parents gave me. In a way, it’s an expression of the seriousness with which I believe in the inherent worth and value of humanity. In fact, personal development is to humanity what sharpening is to a knife.


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