The Power of Decision


“The power to choose is the power to alter destiny.” ~KW

There is a startling power contained in the seed of Decision. When unleashed, it can be used to build an amazing life of purpose, passion and meaning, to realize a dream, end a bad habit, start a good one, influence people, improve relationships, develop a talent, learn a skill, add joy and happiness to the rush of living.

All it takes is a decision. A single, will-power driven, passion-inspired, purpose-motivated decision to radically change your life forever. Imagine that! One decision! A single determined choice. Just decide once and for all to start or stop or develop or create or establish or change or do.

The difference between leaders and followers is that followers abdicate the power of Decision to others to make for them, while leaders are well-practiced in the art of choosing a path and making the decision to walk that course.

Too many people passively wait for life to happen to them. They never transform their dreams into decisions, staying stuck in the wishing phase of living.

Decision, however, is the mother of action. It is the wagon-master of change. Decision is the gravity of resolve and the helium of opportunity. It is the soil of growth and the currency of excellence.

So make that decision you’ve been putting off. Turn your dreams into the tangible stuff of a decision made, choices committed to, action extended and paths taken.

And remember: Once the Decision has been made, half the battle is over.

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