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Please email submissions to M2bH at ken.m.wert@gmail.com or use the form at the bottom of the page.

M2bH is Now Accepting Guest Posts … but not many!


Please read this page (yes, all of it) before sending me an article or even an idea for an article.

I do not publish most of the guest post submissions that are sent to M2bH. Since I publish weekly, I only post 4 articles a month. That means I will post only one guest post a month at most. I will therefore be very particular about the submissions I accept and will not be able to do some of the heavy editing I’ve done in the past. With that in mind, please read on …


I retain all editing rights. Period. I may edit for content or for style and grammar. All edits of content, spelling, title, headings or subheadings will be done without notification.  If that is not acceptable, I totally understand and wish you the best of luck finding a blog better suited to your needs. By submitting an article to M2bH, you have given me permission to edit your work.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

1. I will send you an email to let you know when your article has been posted. There is a professional courtesy and expectation that you will regularly check in to reply to any comments left, at least until the next article is posted. Your article will go live anytime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

You will also be expected to promote your own work using whatever social media you’re plugged into. If what you send me is not worthy of Tweeting, Liking, Pinning and the like, please don’t send it to me.

2. Articles should be relevant to the content of M2bH. Non-relevant submissions will be turned down. I publish articles on topics related to personal development, but shy away from LOA and issues related to spiritualism, the occult, psychic abilities and such topics (though issues of spirituality can be explored).

3. I will not publish an article with cursing or vulgarity or other “R-rated” material or references in it. This is an elevating site. The posts I publish, therefore, must use elevated language as well.

4. All articles must be original, unpublished anywhere on- or off-line. Guest posted articles cannot be published elsewhere in the future as well. Anyone who guest posts for M2bH, by submitting a post, agrees to the rules and guidelines for guest posting.

5. Articles should be between 800 and 1,500 words. That’s a good range to aim at, anyway (even if mine rarely stay within that limit).

6. You will be allowed 4 links: two to your site (one linked to your name and one to your site name), one to your Twitter/FB account and one other (perhaps to an opt-in page) in the bio section. No affiliate or advertisement links please. The links need not take the reader to the same page. It’s up to you where you want them linked.

7. Please provide a short biographic blurb, to be added at the end of the post. Keep it short. I will add whatever other commentary I deem appropriate, or edit it for length and ostentation. 😉

8. Your photos will only be used if accompanied by appropriate credit or copyright info/links.

9. If you want to guest post here, professional courtesy dictates that you link from your blog to your article I post on my blog so your readers can find your guest post here. I will be linked to yours through the guest post, so please link yours to mine.

10. Please do NOT send me a list of ideas you’re thinking you might write about. No links to other articles you’ve written elsewhere either. The quality of the article you send me will speak for itself.

Please look over  articles posted here to ensure you’re not duplicating a topic recently posted.  Having said that, duplication of a topic is not a bad thing if you approach it from a different angle or cover a unique aspect of the topic.

11. When you have an article written and edited to grammatic perfection, simply send me a word document (no html) with all appropriate links and bio. I’ll give it a read and let you know if I will post it. If not, you’re free to send it elsewhere.

Having read over my fairly extensive guidelines here, if you feel any of my expectations are too stringent or otherwise not acceptable, I fully understand and wish you the best in finding other blogs for your guest post ideas.

Other Considerations

If I don’t use your submission, please accept my apology. I know how hard you likely worked on it. But I simply can’t publish everything that is sent to me. But don’t give up. Keep working at it. Keep learning and growing as a writer, thinker and blogger. And then try again.

And please don’t feel discouraged. The reason for a rejection may be that your writing hasn’t developed enough or that your article is too simplistic or unoriginal, reading too much like a textbook or a Wikipedia article. But it could also be that your topic doesn’t gel well with what I post or that the timing is off. So keep at it!

Writing is a wonderful way to express ideas that truly matter. Be solid on what truly matters and write from your heart. But be sure to edit, edit, edit. Read what you write out loud and listen to how it sounds. Due to time restraints, if there are too many awkward wording or grammar and spelling flaws, I will have to “return” your submission.

Thank you for considering M2bH for your guest post. I look forward to working with you!



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