Free Your Imagination to Unleash Your Potential

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” ~John Muir

You are limited only by the limits you place on your imagination. But once you open the door to any possibility, you free yourself of self-imposed confines and restrictions.

Stop asking yourself, “Why should I?” and start asking yourself the better question: “Why not?”

Open yourself to all possibilities and life will expand to the further reaches of infinity. Don’t go off half-cocked, of course. Be clear-eyed about risks and costs and the acquisition of needed skills. And it goes without saying to always live within the soul-satisfying comfort of your principle-centered values.

But otherwise, push wide the door that opens onto the abundance of life and begin to give free range to your imagination to create what has never before been created.

Knowledge is entombed in the things that are. Imagination is freed to explore the world of the might-be. What might your life be like? What possibilities exist? Envision it. Create it in your heart and mind and then start building it.

Never allow your thinking to be limited by what is. Free your mind to consider what might one day be and what you might one day breathe life into.