5 Beliefs that will Radically Change Your Life Forever

What do you truly believe about yourself, deep down in your guts? In your heart of hearts, what do you believe about you?

What possibilities does life afford you? What are your limitations? What do you believe about the meaning or purpose of life? What role do you play in it and where and how do others fit in the picture?

You see, what we believe largely predicts the kind of life we will experience. In other words, we can’t live a life that is disconnected from our belief systems. What we believe and the strength of those beliefs will show themselves in our lives, just as sure as apple seeds predict apples.

Some beliefs are self-defeating beliefs that can weigh you down and anchor you to a disappointing life. Other beliefs will free you to rise like a balloon to unimaginable heights of possibility and joy.

5 Beliefs that will Permanently Alter the Trajectory of your Life … Forever!

1. Believe you matter

Translation: You are important. There is value to your existence. You are a person of worth. It makes a tremendous difference to the world that you exist. There are things you were meant to do and become. It matters that you work to do and become them.

You matter because you belong to the human family and therefore have innate meaning and purpose. I personally believe in a divine Parentage that adds eternal significance and possibility to your life as well. But regardless, never accept for a second the lie that your life is meaningless. You matter.

Application: Those who have internalized poor parenting or have otherwise come to the conclusion that they are without particular worth or value, will not likely treat themselves very respectfully or demand it from others.

But those who believe that their lives have worth, are those who discover that life is packed full of meaning and purpose. The whole world opens a door of possibility and opportunity to them. And they willingly step through those doors expecting something wonderful from life.

Bottom line: Here’s the incontrovertible truth: You matter. Period. Believe it!

2. Believe life matters

Translation: Not only do you matter, but life itself matters. How you use it therefore matters. What you do to squander the moments or use them to their fullest matters. We are given only one mortal life to discover and fulfill our purpose, to develop our talents, abilities and character, to love and lead and become the best we can.

Life is expansive and creative. It is dynamic and explosive and wonderful and crazy. It jumps and spins and crashes and lifts and turns upside down and shifts and wiggles and grows and unfolds and delivers and provides. It matters. Those who believe this are those who treat life with respect and fill it with action.

Application: You take steps to discover purpose in life, to learn and live with passion. You grow and make personal growth a priority. You don’t waste life’s precious moments because they are so very precious to you.

Bottom line: Because life matters and we have a finite amount of time to live it, live it to the fullest. Love it. Build a life that is rich with significance and meaning and life will unfold its greatest rewards to you.

3. Believe there are amazing stores of potential within you

Translation: Believe you can become what you yearn to be. Believe in the amazing exceptionalism of the human will. Believe in the resiliency of the human spirit. No matter how far away you are today from where you want to be, believe you can develop those attributes, attitudes and skills necessary to rise to the level of your willingness to grow and succeed.

But belief is the first step. If you don’t believe you can rise to the occasion, that you just don’t have it in you, then you will never take the needed steps toward your dreams because you won’t believe it’s possible to reach them.

Application: There are only limits of fear and doubt that stand in your way. Those who believe in their potential, take steps to eliminate those obstacles that stand in the way, freeing themselves to find the answers to some of life’s most exciting questions. You believe that you were made for excellence, that life is an adventure that is, at its core, an adventure of self-discovery and self-development.

Bottom line: Dig down deep in search of that hidden potential and polish it up to a golden shine! It’s there, perhaps buried under the mud and debris of childhood trauma. But believe it can be found, so go find it!

4. Believe relationships matter most

Translation: You prioritize your relationships over other goals. You make room for the most critical relationships in your life.

Application: You recognize the only way your relationships will be given the time needed to develop them into something beautiful and richly satisfying is to prioritize them above work and pleasure, hobbies, activities and distractions. So you spend time with family. You go on vacations and set aside game nights and date nights and do things together.

Bottom line: Your relationships, in many ways, determine the value of the life you live. Your value is not ultimately found in your bank account. It is in the lives you touch, those you reach out to, the seeds of kindness you plant, the respect you earn from your children, the love of your spouse and the compassion you extend to others.

5. Believe you can make a difference

Translation: You can live a profound life by doing things that are profound. You can add meaning and purpose to life by doing meaningful and purposeful things.

Believe you have the capacity for great good. You can touch a life and make it better. A simple act of kindness sends a ripple through life that continues to radiate out as others, inspired by you, do the same.

Application: You look for opportunities to bless others’ lives. You believe that people matter and you take action to serve them. You are a servant-leader. You join organizations that make a difference in the lives of others. You send little ripples of service and kindness out into the world.

Bottom line: It all starts with a single pebble held in a single hand willing to drop it into the pond of another person’s life. Open your hand and drop it.


Our choices in life determine how we experience our lives – whether in the actions we take toward our goals or the steps we take into the recesses of life, trapped in the cracks of crevices of our own self-neglect. Those choices are deeply influenced by our thinking and attitudes – our habitual patterns of thought. What we think about and how we think it is a product of what we believe.

In other words, our beliefs are the soil in which the gardens of our lives are planted. Condition the soil and the garden grows vibrant and radiant. But try to plant a beautiful garden in hard-packed nutrient-depleted dirt that’s infested with weeds and pests alike, and good luck getting anything of value to grow for very long.

So begin planting a life of profound abundance. And do so by fertilizing the soil of your life with uplifting, inspiring and enriching beliefs.

And come back next week to see 5 more beliefs that can alter the trajectory of your life!

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