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Welcome to Meant to be Happy. This is a blog about happiness. The posts here deal with a wide variety of topics because happiness is the natural result of a wide variety of characteristics, beliefs, ways of thinking and actions we take toward or away from it. There are obstacles to happiness and life paths that create or complement it.

My purpose here is to share my thoughts about living a life of happiness and to inspire you to come with me as we figure out how to fill life with purpose and meaning and deep abiding joy. But to understand where I’m coming from, let me share my basic beliefs about happiness …

5 Basic Beliefs about Happiness

1. It is the deepest conviction of my life that, at the very core of who we are and at the very heart of why we exist, that you and I were meant to be happy. We function better, do better, perform better, are kinder and give more when we are happy. We operate less productively, less efficiently, less decently when unhappy.

A life without happiness is similar to a house without a family. A house was meant to house people. That’s what houses are meant to do. The houseness of a house is fulfilled when there are people living in it. Likewise, we were meant to be happy. That’s what makes an existence a life.

2. The level or degree of happiness available to us is richer and deeper and more pervasive and lasting than most people know. Most studies measure happiness as people experience it, not as it can be. We deal with what happiness can be here. And believe me when I say it can be so much more than most people have known.

3. No matter where you are in life, no matter the reason or reasons for your unhappiness, you can learn to be truly, deeply, richly happy. We all have emotional sea levels or happiness set points. The science of happiness seems clear on this point. But I believe that for most people, sea levels and set points can, with work, be elevated.

4. If you are generally happy already, M2bH can provide you with ways of becoming even happier, with a greater sense of fulfillment and passion for life.

5. Happiness takes work. That’s because its component parts—it’s ingredients, if you will—are made up of traits and qualities that can be difficult to develop. Happiness is the product of right thinking, believing, character and action.

Developing such traits can require a bit of moral, emotional and mental muscle. But you can begin now, today, to start that process of developing, discovering and creating a happier life than, perhaps, you knew was possible.

9 Commitments from Me to You.

My purpose here is …

  1. to CONVINCE you that you are, in fact, meant to be happy, that happiness is not only a possibility in your life, but that it is a predictability as you apply those principles that create it.
  2. to OFFER insight into those principles that will help you realize that fact – that happiness was meant for you too!
  3. to INSPIRE you to live life with more purpose and meaning and gratitude and passion.
  4. to CHALLENGE you to higher heights of personal growth and development as you work on shaping an amazing life of character and love and joy.
  5. to HELP you overcome the obstacles of fear and doubt, of procrastination and adversity as the pain and trials of life get in the way of living a richly fulfilling life of true happiness.
  6. to SHARE that path with you as we learn and grow together.
  7. to PROVIDE you with a growing community of people working together to move in the same general direction – forward!
  8. to LEARN from you as you share your thoughts and journey with us.
  9. to GIVE you my best in hopes of being of service to you in this amazing thing called life.



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Sample Testimonial:

“Ken isn’t just a blogger or a writer; he’s a teacher. I’m continually impressed by the pragmatic wisdom he shares. His teachings remind me that there is always so much to learn, even from minute shifts in perspective that can suddenly reveal new light on what I *thought* I already knew so well.”

Dave Ursillo

Continue the Path

Whether here or elsewhere, on your own, with a professional, clergy or a therapist, keep on the path, take the next step, and then the next. One day, one step at a time, you will begin to see life differently, yourself differently, and others differently.

So go and learn the art of happiness. Apply the principles of happiness. Commit to a life of happiness. And during the low moments always remember: You were Meant to be Happy!

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Thanks so much for reading this far. I sincerely welcome you to Meant to be Happy, my home-away-from-home, with open arms and an open heart. I hope you come back regularly and take me up on my offer to walk the path together toward a more rewarding, meaningful, happier life.

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