Inspiration on the Go (some changes here at Meant to be Happy)

Sometimes a single thought, pondered deeply and applied tenaciously, is all that’s needed to take us to the next level, overcoming the hardest challenges, rising to the most difficult occasions, creating opportunity and climbing to nose-bleed heights of potential.

At times our climb requires a step-by-step how-to manual that walks us through the vicissitudes of life, replete with warnings and instructions detailing 10 things to stop doing and 20 things to start doing, when to do them, where they work best, with 80 how-tos and 101 reasons why we should have begun yesterday.

Other times, we already know.

Shorter Posts

If you’ve been hanging out at Meant to be Happy for very long, you’re likely familiar with long posts that sometimes reach upwards of 3,000 words or more. You’ve also likely noticed some changes the last few weeks as post length has become quite short. This has been an experiment and I would like to know what you think.

You see, sometimes all we need to take the next step in our lives, to overcome the next challenge or to continue down the path of personal growth and development we’re already on, is to rekindle a missing spark, reignite a flicker of hope or provide a slightly new angle on an old problem.

We don’t always need (or have time for) the 2-3 thousand-word posts. Sometimes we simply need to recommit, to get motivated, to be reminded that we were not meant for mediocrity at any level.

At such times, inspiration is needed more than instruction. A nudge more than directions. We need a friendly reminder that an open door is around the corner, that there is reason to hope, to push on and have confidence in the future than a step-by-step treatise on the hows and whys and wheres of personal development.

My aim with these shorter posts of late is to offer you that spark to get you thinking in new ways, reminded of what you already know, motivated to reach, to become, to remember, seeing life, others, yourself, in a new light, inspired by a renewed dedication to a happier life.

Inspiration in Bite-Sized Doses

In this fast-paced world of ours, with busy lives and ticking clocks, I hope to provide a needed service: Ideas, motivation, inspiration in capsule-sized thoughts providing you with a single idea meant to inspire deeper joy and greater growth, to elevate your thinking to higher possibilities and your lives to greater decency and happiness.

If you’re a regular here and miss my longer, more thorough posts, those won’t disappear altogether. They will return from time to time to provide deeper analysis and how-to steps at improving your life.

But shorter posts will nonetheless be a new and regular feature here at Meant to be Happy (assuming you’ve appreciated the brevity).

A better, happier life with more meaning and passion and desire to become what God intended us to be—the inspiration to pursue these ends is what I offer you here. Really, a part of me, of my thinking and experiences, an authentic look through one set of eyes that sees happiness and life a little uniquely.

I hope I succeed in achieving that goal more often than not.

But I would love to get your input on these changes.

Let me know in the comments if you have liked reading these shorter posts. I’d love to know—you are, in fact, the ultimate reason I write anything at all here at Meant to be Happy.