How to Help

First and foremost, you are already helping simply by reading my posts here at Meant to be Happy. You are also helping by working on your own happiness. I thank you for that.

But there are other more active ways you can help spread the word of happiness:

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  5. Make any donation you feel would be appropriate in support of the work I do here or as an expression of gratitude for anything that has inspired or helped you by clicking the “Donate” button below:

To those concerned about donating: There is a misconception widely held that insecure sites are unsafe to donate to.  This is not the case unless donating directly to the site. If you choose to follow the link above, you will no longer be on my site, but will be on PayPal’s site. Check the URL above for confirmation if still worried after following the link. PayPal is a highly secure URL. No donation ever passes through my site at all. It is directly linked to PayPal and cannot be compromised by virtue of arriving there through here at M2bH.

Thank you!

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