The Incredible Power of Words

Words that lift and inspire

Words are the bodies the soul of an idea is born into.

The quality of our words attracts others to our cause or repels them from it. Sometimes, the quality of an idea is enough to give it wings. At other times, the words used to convey an idea are the nails in the coffin of its premature death.

Words can magnify or corrupt ideas. Words clarify or confuse. They reveal and enlighten or conceal under the cloak of dishonesty and twisted half-truths.

Words, in short, are power: The power to turn dirt into gold or gold into dirt. They build or destroy, resolve or instigate. They excuse and cover the tail-end of the coward or promote and build and embolden and reinforce and inspire. They express love and acceptance or disdain and rejection. They manipulate and corrupt or enlighten and clarify.

Words are the magic that lift great ideas and their advocates to higher ground. But they can also become the poison that cripples us and our relationships and self-respect. Reputations are made or reputations fall by their judicious or callous use. How words are used, in fact, reveals more about you than about what you use the words to describe.

When we fashion our words into sharpened weapons or into cloaks we hide behind, we cheapen what we say and chip away at our own character. When we use words to inspire and instruct, to extend compassion and kindness, we elevate our words and ourselves and those we express them to in the process

The world has enough critics and naysayers. It doesn’t need our voices added to that dark chorus. Instead, let’s elevate our language and use our words to inspire others and ourselves to greatness.

What words will you use today?


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