When Through is the Only Way Around

Breaking through

“The best way out is always through.” ~Robert Frost

What do you do when life pushes and slaps, crashes and burns and you find yourself scraped, bruised and buried under the weight of disaster and heartache? Do you run and hide? Do you curl into the fetal position and wait for life to stop hitting so hard?

Or do you get up and fight back with all that’s inside you, tenaciously pushing through to the other end of the challenge?

Standing up when life knocks us around a bit as we climb life’s mountains builds something inside of us that intensifies and focuses our resolve and makes us more able to deal with life’s most difficult trials. The hot fire of pain and difficulty polishes us.

We begin to drown in a sea of self-pity, sorrow and resentment when we stop in the middle, when we throw in the towel and go home before we’ve gone all the way. Continuing through to the other side makes the next disaster that much easier to bear and happiness that much easier to keep.

So the next time you feel bullied by life and everything seems to be falling apart, stay the course. See it through to the end and keep your mind trained on the end-product, an improved, more resilient you. Because in the end, you will be a stronger person for having endured.

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