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Books that Changed my Life

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There are books that are filled with wonderful insights and motivation. They inspire us to grow, to take steps toward greater courage or spirituality or optimism or human decency. Then there are books that are truly life changing. They transform us. They alter our perceptions and transport us to new perspectives. Man’s Search for Meaning is such a book to me.

The author, Viktor Frankl, was an Austrian Psychiatrist before WWII. During the war, he was rounded up with fellow Jews and shipped to the Nazi death camps. His story is riveting. But more importantly, while incarcerated under the severest of circumstances, Frankel developed a whole new branch of psychoanalysis he called “logotherapy” or meaning therapy. He discovered that those of us who have a purpose, something that drives us, we can endure almost any amount of suffering. This is a life-changing book that I highly recommend for serious minded people.


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As A Man Thinketh by James Allen will likely be the shortest, least expensive and one of the most profound investments in persona growth you will ever make. You very well may read this book in one sitting, but you will be going back to it and applying its wisdom for a lifetime. Guaranteed!

Learned Optimism by Martin E.P. Seligman, the father of “positive psychology” helped to revolutionize how therapists think about what they do. Have you ever wondered how you can become a more positive person, more optimistic, more readily believing things will work out? Then read this book!

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There is a reason 7 Habits has been an out-of-control best seller for over 22 years. It simply changes lives. 7 Habits reveals the basic building blocks of human interaction. Read and apply the 7 principles and you will not only be more productive, you will feel better about yourself, who you are deep inside. Your relationships will improve. You self-confidence will grow. And others will notice those changes, sense what is happening inside you, and start to place great stores of trust in you … over time.

The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People explores issues of proactivity, putting first things first, how to set up win/win scenarios at home, at work, wherever you are, principles of leadership, principles for empathic communication and the need for balanced self-renewal.

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Two books (and a calendar!) that will add joy to living as you digest the ideas their authors write about with insight and passion.

The Happiness Project: Gretchen Ruben, who’s also a fellow blogger, made herself a project in happiness. She personally began a search of those principles others claimed produced happiness, tried them on for size, and cataloged that journey. The Happiness Project is a great read filled with warmth, humor and happy-producing insight!

Happiness is a Serious Problem: Dennis Prager is a social commentator, a radio talk show host and author. His book, Happiness is a Serious Problem, is a serious book that shares his insight into the topic he says he’s spent his whole life studying. His book is insightful and is an easy read. His thinking is sharp and witty and easily understood. He says his primary goal in life is for clarity. And he delivers here.


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