“Ken translates his depth of experience as a teacher, and father into inspiring and actionable ideas, showing us the way to live joyful and purposeful lives. He puts the focus squarely where it should be – on building character and integrity as the foundation for sustainable happiness. Ken is a man who walks the walk and is able to share his own life-changing core principles to nudge the rest of us along the path to living to our fullest potential. Thank you Ken for sharing your wisdom and practical inspiration.”

Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom

“Ken isn’t just a blogger or a writer; he’s a teacher. I’m continually impressed by the pragmatic wisdom he shares. His teachings remind me that there is always so much to learn, even from minute shifts in perspective that can suddenly reveal new light on what I *thought* I already knew so well.”

Dave Ursillo of daveursillo.com

“Ken is someone who I greatly admire for being an authentic and inspiring human being. He consistently strives to raise not only his own game, but the games of all others around him. He’s a servant-leader, someone who leads through example.”

Stuart Mills of Limitless Believing 

“In a nutshell, Ken is a man of deep thoughts and passion. I’m hooked on his style of writing because his articles are carefully thought out, very thorough, have a unique trend and are filled with experience. Reading them stirs up so much motivation and inspiration within me.”

Ayodeji Olaniyan of Discovering Purpose

“Ken’s blog – M2bH – is a jewel. Every time I read one of his posts I end up with a smile on my face! He uses his wide expertise … to provide wisdom and insight into the whole concept of happiness. His articles lift my spirits and energize me to get up and take action towards my own happiness goals. There’s no ‘fluff’ on this blog. It’s full of inspirational, tried and tested guidance in straightforward language that shows his readers it is not only possible to be happy but that our happiness is meant to be. I hope you’ll put M2bH at the top of your ‘blogs I love’ list, where it belongs.”

Linda Hewett of The Positive Spin Blog

“In inspiring and encouraging words, Ken shows us a way to be more honest to ourselves and to sail through the ups and downs in the rough seas of life with a little more confidence and ease.  Thank you for everything you have done to change so many people’s lives. Angels do walk on earth!”

Lily Chen

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