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I deeply appreciate the time you spend here at M2bH. While everything I write is from my heart to you, it is only my opinion about what I believe is generally true and helpful and must therefore be considered as such. I am not a trained professional and even if I was, an article about a general topic is never enough to provide clear and precise advice for a specific person with unique circumstances.

Nothing written on this blog by me or anyone else as an article, comment, reply to a comment, emailed response or any other suggestion, information or opinion should therefore be construed to be anything but general thoughts about the topic from the point of view of its author.

I therefore make no claim to be able to offer specific advice and can not therefore be held responsible for any decision made by any reader as a result of anything written by anyone here at MeantToBeHappy.com. All decisions made by any reader about any part or aspect of their lives are the sole responsibility of the decision-maker.

If you suffer from serious mental illness or feel like life is meaningless and have thoughts of suicide or hurting others or are considering a dramatic change in your life, please see a professional for guidance and treatment.

Consider contacting the following organizations for specific help for your condition:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Find a good therapist



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