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There are different ways to go about navigating through the work here at M2bH. You can search specific topics or look for topics grouped under topic titles or categories. You can click on the Categories tab here in the Content Page or use the topics option in the sidebar. You can also search for anything you’re interested in reading about using the search box to the right on the page bar.

But if you’re new here and would like some guidance, you can read those I’ve selected as a good summary of the articles I provide.

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10 Ways to Think Yourself Happy will introduce you to the way what and how we think contributes to our happiness.

10 Ways to Believe Yourself Happy is an introduction to the kinds of beliefs you have about yourself, the world and others can affect your happiness.

10 Ways to Act Yourself Happy shares specific actions that will improve how you feel, change your mood and make you happier.

10 Ways to Live Yourself Happy explores how character influences how you see yourself and those 10 traits most likely to improve the joy you feel in your life.

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Challenge and Adversity

Life can Hurt. But YOU Don’t Have to Indefinitely identifies ideas and methods you can take to overcome or minimize or add meaning to the challenges of life using quotes from other personal development bloggers.

Enduring the Unendurable provides insight into ways we can endure even the most difficult challenges in life.

22 Lesson Learned “When Sorrow Walked with Me” helps us find meaning and purpose behind the suffering we experience. In finding meaning, we can transform the pain from senseless heartache to something ennobling.

Personal Development

The Brick and Mortar of Your Life (Goal Setting where it Counts the Most)

The Virtue of Intolerance (10 things you should never tolerate)

11 Steps and 11 Quotes to Radical Personal Change

4 Things that Truly Matter

5 Filters Guaranteed to Remove the Stink from Your Life

How to Live Daily, Filling each Moment with Meaning and Purpose

5 Beliefs that Will Radically Change Your Life Forever

Live Instead of Die

10 Practical Ways to Develop Self-Mastery

I hope these give you a good place to start. Look around. Put up your feet and stay awhile. And come back any ole time. I’ll leave the light on and the key under the mat. Just come on in and cozy up with a few posts and see where it takes you.

But be careful. It just may change your life.