The Happy Life of a Blogger (7 ways blogging can improve your happiness)


Note: This post was originally prepared for Lori Gosselin’s blog series called, The Life of a Blogger. Well, in the midst of editing, I got caught up with other things and neglected to send it off.

And since the series ended a year ago (oops!), I thought I would go ahead and publish it here. Waste not, want not, as they say, right? If nothing else, it may interest you to know how blogging has affected me personally. And you never know, maybe it will inspire you to start a blog of your own!

The Happy Life of a Blogger

Are you a happy blogger? There are certainly aspects of blogging that can have the opposite effect. There have been times when self-imposed deadlines and frustrating blog stats and disappointing comment counts have led me to wonder if it was all really worth the time and effort.

But all things considered, the net effect has been more happiness. Significantly more. In fact, there are at least 7 reasons blogging has been good for my happiness:

7 Ways Blogging has Improved my Happiness

Reason #1: I love to write. The creative process of writing and editing, of perfecting a sentence, crafting a paragraph, creating the tempo and meter and rhythm of an idea is a deeply rewarding process, a process that gives voice to my creativity and imagination, allowing my artistic side to have an outlet.

Reason #2: I love researching, thinking through a concept, then putting fingers to keyboard to construct the article that conveys the message I want to share. I love it all. It’s become an unquenchable passion that has added another layer of happiness to my life.

Reason #3: We become what we think and believe and immerse ourselves in. I’m surrounded by ideas that promote happiness and spend lots of time reading about it, thinking about it, writing about it and applying its principles to my life. The more I tread in the waters of happiness, the more its liquid seeps into my bloodstream.

Reason #4: Blogging has stretched me. I’ve come to think more deeply and clearly and have extended myself into uncomfortable areas doing what I’ve never done before. As I grow and develop new skills and hone embryonic talents, my happiness grows as well.

Reason #5: Because happiness matters, my role in its explication and promotion adds deep layers of meaning and purpose to my life.

Reason #6: As I read comments and emails from those who have found value in what I do and have taken the time to tell me, my sense that I am serving others, providing them with inspiration and answers and a way out of their challenges grows. As a result, so does my personal happiness.

Reason #7: Blogging has also added loving and lovely people to my life who share aspects of my passion and work. They inspire me. They have befriended me and I have brought them into my heart as well. And so my happiness has been compounded by blogging many times over.

Bottom Line

Blogging has become an important part of my life, adding meaning and purpose and creative expression to it. It also allows me to send a little piece of me out into the world , that just may improve a life or two. Half of that goal has been met. It has improved my life.

Back to you!

So we’re back to my original question: Are you a happy blogger? What about blogging adds to your happiness? What doesn’t? If you’re a non-blogging reader, have bloggers helped you with your happiness? How?

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