“Complete System Failure” (a vital lesson in moral vigilance)

The human mind is the most efficient organizational system on the planet, could be in the universe for all we know. ~Jason Howard (Senior Technical Researcher, Intel Labs)

Back some time ago, I copy/pasted a couple pictures off the internet for a document I was creating for a high school class. Soon after doing so, a window popped up with a foreboding message that spelled the doom of my computer: “Complete System Failure.”

As I read that ominous message and realized what just happened, my heart sank. My computer had died a premature death.

I started wondering how many other computers are filled with active viruses and dormant Trojans, slowing functions, causing quirky malfunctions and system failures.

It got me thinking.

Protecting More than Machines

If we protect our computer systems with spam filters and virus protection and firewalls, why do we so quickly download such awful garbage into the most important memory storage system we will ever own without so much as a second thought?

Why do we let filth creep into our minds, clogging our souls, slowing our upload time, cluttering our memories, corrupting our thoughts, allowing the risk of complete moral system failure as images and words seep into the hardware of our hearts, minds and lives?

Why do we so indiscriminately clutter our brains with filth and trash? Why do we let music and movies that promote ugliness and indecency and disrespect get access to that organic computer system we should be protecting most actively, most carefully and most faithfully?

Just asking.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay