How to (almost) Guarantee Success (trading fear for belief)


“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” ~Charles Kettering

What would you do if you were guaranteed success? What would you start if you knew you could not fail? What dream has been wet down and stuffed in the back of the closet because you were afraid you would never be able to reach it?

Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking: As long as the dream is left in the darkened closet of your discarded dreams, you guarantee the very thing you put the dream in the closet to protect yourself from in the first place.

If you fear failure, never acting on your dreams guarantees it.

If you’re worried you won’t measure up, ignoring your inner call to do something more ensures it. If you fear pain, living life far below your potential, regretting what could have been is the worst kind of pain. If you fear ridicule, the loudest critic will always scream the most biting attacks every time you look in the mirror.

Instead of letting fear dictate the parameters of your life, allow belief to.

Believe it is not possible to fail, that there are no ultimate obstacles, that you are endowed with amazing power and ability that may as-of-yet be unharnessed, uncovered and underdeveloped, but is there, waiting for you to discover it and use it and do and become what you’ve only dreamed of before.

Life awaits you. Believe in it. Now go create something inspiring, amazing and beautiful.

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