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The Tyranny of Memory

We fear losing it as we age. We take supplements to boost it. We buy books and listen to programs to improve it. But memory can also work against us, tying us to old beliefs, daily ratifying suspicions of self-doubt. In such cases, memory becomes insidious, eating away like tiny incessant termites gnawing at the structure of our lives. But you can stop that process beginning today. Come see!

Should I Change the Name of my Blog?

I’m seriously considering changing the name of my blog. Have I outgrown a blog on happiness? What do you think? I deeply value my reader’s opinions. I have always paid great attention to what you have shared in the comments and am now hoping you will help me decide what direction to take now. Ultimately, the balls in my court, of course. But I value your input and am hoping to tap it.

4 Popular Sayings that Stop You Dead in Your Tracks

There are saying that have become integrated into the human psyche. We accept them as truth. “A penny saved is a penny earned” or “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Such words and phrases eloquently capture time-honored wisdom. But other sayings can imprison potential and undermine possibility as we accept them at face value. Come see which phrases you’ve used recently!

Are You “Really” Good Enough?

Many bloggers today will tell you that you are perfect, complete and good enough as is. Is that true? Are you a project that has been finished, the last brush stroke dried, the canvas of your life complete, ready to be hung on a wall? Or is there more work to be done? If so, does that mean you’re not really good enough yet? And what does being good enough really mean anyway? And does it matter? Click on in. The answers may surprise you!

A Satisfying Life is Good Too

Personal growth bloggers like to motivate their readers to risk more and do more and become more, facing challenges head on and living on their own terms. Inadvertently, however, we may be guilty at times of making our readers feel guilty for living a very normal life of little moments of daily enjoyment. Never apologize for living a peaceful life of personal happiness.

The Ghosts of Blog Posts Past: My Nominees for “My 7 Links”!

Yay! I’ve been nominated for the My 7 Links blog post project. The project’s objective is to bring bloggers together to share life lessons, particularly from posts long ago settled to the bottom tiers of our dusty archives by asking us to resurrect 7 articles that fit 7 categories. Part of the project is to nominate up to 5 others for the honor. Come see some of the posts I’ve resurrected and who I nominated!

7 Simple Ways to Kill Procrastination … Permanently!

Does it sometimes feel like you’re running in circles, seemingly getting nowhere? Is procrastination a thorn in your side that just won’t go away? Come read this guest post by Farouk Radwan and learn how to beat procrastination and accomplish your biggest goals in life. The secret is deceptively simple. And so is your next step.

51 Permissions Granted by Life

Are you your worst critic? Do you beat yourself up over small mistakes? Sometimes we can find it so difficult to allow ourselves the right to simply be human. We demand and expect so much of ourselves. Come read this post and see what permissions Life would grant you as you struggle to figure out the balance between self-expectations and self-acceptance.

The Time is Now!

Are you secretly longing for something more? Are there obstacles that stand in your way? Or have you fallen asleep at the wheel of your life? Well today is the time to wake up! Grab hold of the wheel, and start steering in the direction of what ticks inside your heart and soul. Now is the time. Stop waiting for things to change. And start taking action to change your life forever!

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