7 Simple Ways to Kill Procrastination … Permanently!

Note: Please welcome M. Farouk Radwan of the mega-site 2 Know Myself.  This is Farouk’s second guest post here at Meant to be Happy.

We all have important goals but those goals can be divided into small tasks.

Many people procrastinate and waste their time instead of working on these small tasks and that’s why they rarely reach their bigger goals.

If you managed to find a way to complete the smaller tasks quickly then you will certainly reach your bigger goals in a shorter period of time.

Here is how you can finish your important tasks quickly:

1.       Eliminate distraction: When you start working on a task you should never check your mail, answer your phone or log on to your Facebook account.  These simple distractions can prevent you from completing your small tasks which in turn will prevent you from reaching your bigger goals.

2.       Have a predefined task list: One of the main reasons many people waste time without being productive is that they don’t know what to do! Once you have a predefined task list you wont find any problems in working on your important tasks

3.       Become an early riser: When you wake up early you will find plenty of free time and as a result you will be motivated to become more productive. At the same time you will find that most people are still asleep so you will have fewer distractions

4.       Conquer your fears: Many people never work on their important tasks because they are either afraid of the task or because they are not sure whether they can accomplish it or not. You won’t be able to master procrastination until you manage to conquer your fears.

5.       Remind yourself of your bigger goals: Whenever you find yourself lacking motivation or whenever you feel that you don’t have enough energy, just remind yourself of your bigger goals. Whenever you do this you will remember that you are fighting for bigger reasons and those small meaningless tasks will appear much more meaningful.

6.       Educate your family members about the importance of your work: Sometimes distractions can come from other people and in such cases you might think that you aren’t the one to blame but you are wrong. You have to educate the people you live with about the importance of completing your tasks on time to minimize those distractions. If they don’t know that you are working on something important, they won’t know not to disturb your work.

7.       Take short breaks: Take short time-limited breaks so you can do the tasks you are eager to do, such as taking a look at your mail. It’s important that you make those breaks time-limited to avoid falling into the procrastination trap.

Big mountains are formed of small pebbles; if you learn how to complete your small tasks you will learn how to reach your big goals, making procrastination a thing of the past.

Note: This was a guest post written by M. Farouk Radwan, founder of 2knowmeslef.com. After commenting here, run over to his site and get lost in his mega-library of content.

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