The Time is Now!

Have you been resting on a plateau? Have you fallen asleep in the afternoon of your life? Have you made progress, then sat down to enjoy your success, but forgot to stand back up again?

It’s Time to Take Action Today!

It’s time to awake, to stand up, to stretch those tired, aching muscles and move. It is time to take the next step.

What’s holding you back? What’s in your way? Are there external barriers? Are there internal ones, such as fear and doubt or laziness?

Well, it is time to act anyway.

It’s time to shake off and overcome and break through the walls that stop you, that shut you down and prevent you from moving forward.

It’s time!

  • Are you still hanging on to that habit?
  • Are you caught in the eternal delay of procrastination?
  • Are you waiting for the perfect time to begin? For the weather to clear or the children to move out?
  • Are you waiting for a sign or a voice or a message to tell you the time is now?

Let this post, this day, right now be that sign, that voice, that message. Why, after all, did I write this post if not to serve that purpose? Why is it affecting you like it is? Why is your heart starting to stir? You feel it, don’t you?

The truth is, you already know it’s time. It’s ALWAYS been time. Now is the ONLY time you have ever had. So get up and take that step. Just get up and do it.

Don’t form a committee. Don’t put it under a microscope. Don’t get a third or fourth or fifth opinion. Just get up and act.

Do it!

“But what if I fail?”

Every single day you don’t take action, you fail one moment, one day at a time, slowly strangling your dreams in the dark and hidden back-alleys of your fears and doubts. Day after day, your hopes bleed a little more, draining life from the muscle fiber of your passion.

So why not give it all you have for one HUGE potential fail and get it over with? Why drag out failure every single day of your life as you decide not to take action and let your dreams whither and dry … and die over and over again, a daily death of neglect?

Imagine if you don’t fail! Of course, you will stumble here and there, but with every stumble, your footing becomes that much surer. Yes, failure may hit hard. But will it hurt any less if you fail daily by your inaction, by self-inflicted suffocation?

Does one big fail hurt more than hundreds and hundreds of daily little failures that prick and stab at your heart?

I know you can feel it deep down inside your soul. It’s the empty ache of incompleteness. So complete it! Fill the void with action, with steps toward doing what you have always felt called to do. Stop delaying your purpose. Stop procrastinating joy. Stop putting off the day of your deliverance as you wake to the inner tick of your life.

It is time. Today. Now.

No more self-afflicted blood-letting. No more leaking your life into the puddles of inaction one day after another. No more. Say that out loud: “No … more!” Say it with feeling: “NO … MORE!”

Now act on that mantra. Let it beat in the chambers of your soul with every thump of your heart and every breath that fills your lungs. No more! … No more! … No more!

Take the next step. From wherever you are currently, in whatever part of your life you have paused. Accept the probability of the possible and move in that direction. Determine what constitutes the next step, and just simply take it!

Failure is not Failure

To put your all into something and fail is no failure at all. It’s living. It’s living boldly. It’s living passionately.

There’s more than one way to die, after all. We also die one breathe at a time as we refuse to exhale our passion onto the world and refuse to breath in the crisp air of our potential.

Besides, failure is nothing less than an investment in your own potential. If life is the university and experience is the classroom, then failure is the lesson being taught by the professor of life. It is the instruction. It is the heart and soul of the classroom.

Your Step

  • Is your marriage lackluster? Change it. Today. Take the next step toward improving matters.
  • Is your business faltering? Change it. Today. Take the next step toward improving matters.
  • Is your character built on sand? Change it. Today. Take the next step toward improving matters.
  • Is your spiritual life isolated, distant and cold? Change it. Today. Take the next step toward improving matters.

You know what I’m talking about. There is something you have always wanted to do. Something you have always wanted to take care of or something you’ve always wanted to master.

What that next step is, is less important than that you take it, any step, so long as it takes you closer to your potential, closer to your dreams, closer to what courses through your veins with every beat of your heart. Once momentum is built, you will have plenty of time to figure out which steps are best and in which order they should be taken. But for now, just move.

Now is the time.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a book you’ve always wanted to write. A business you always wanted to start. An instrument you wanted to play. A relationship you wanted to heal. A person you wanted to forgive. A trait you wanted to develop. Whatever it is, if it’s a worthy destination of itself, it’s worthy of your bare-knuckled action to get there.

The process of getting there is only one decision away. Just one.

Will you stand up or stay seated? Will you wake up or sleep another day? Will you take action or continue to wait and wish and age and regret?

The time is now. Stand up. Decide. Commit. Take that step.

There will always be another missing piece of the puzzle, another bit of vital information you simply must discover first before starting.


You know exactly what you’re doing. You know it’s just another way to keep yourself from taking the leap off the pier into the murky waters of “what if.” So stop pretending the next book or post or article you read will finally be the point after which you begin. You already know that’s a lie you tell yourself to stay on the grassy knoll of life, immobile, unchallenged, mediocre.

A Call to Boldness, not Stupidity

This is not a call to abandon common sense or to live with reckless abandon to parental or other responsibilities. Rather, it’s a call to stop hiding behind fear and doubt and a litany of self-defeating excuses that bind you to a life lived somewhere south of your true potential and joy.

Stop the Excuses!

So stop making excuses for your procrastination. Avoid the regret that will stain the memory of your life as you look back on it. You were not made for mediocrity! So get up and take action!

Today may not be the fix. But today is the step. The first of many. You are not likely going to experience success in the next couple steps of your life. But you are going to step anyway because stepping is the ONLY way to get down that road. And in stepping, you have already succeeded by choosing to live, to truly and deeply come alive and live profoundly! And that, my friend, is not failure.

It’s time.




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