Should I Change the Name of my Blog?

I’m seriously thinking of changing the name of my blog.

And I need your help!

I’ve actually been considering a change for a while now, but am finding it difficult to take that step.

I’m torn.

Part of me feels limited by the name. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing on happiness. To me, most everything in life that I could possibly want to write about is in some way connected to it. But so much of my writing lately hasn’t even referenced the word.

It really didn’t take long after launching Meant to be Happy that it turned into something more than just a happiness blog. It quickly became a blog about human potential, about growth and development, about character and overcoming obstacles in life.

Does M2bH still reflect what I write about today?

Here are some of the questions that have been bouncing around in my head lately:

Is the name more inviting or off-putting to those who come to my site and see it for the first time? Are people turned away after seeing my blog isn’t really just about happiness? Or is the name irrelevant? Does it evoke a uniquely religious or even Christian assumption to the idea of being “meant” for happiness and therefore potentially limiting my audience?

Ultimately this site is about and for YOU. So answers to these questions really matter to me. In fact, I was talking with a fellow blogger friend a while ago who suggested I take it to my readers. Thus, this post.

For now, what I’m looking for is to know if you, my friends and readers (whether or not you have ever left a comment before), feel I should keep my name as is ( or change it.

It would mean a lot to me if you would take a second or two and send me word in the comments.

I’ll thank you ahead of time for sharing your preference. Thank you.

Have an awesome day!

PS: If the vote tilts toward changing the name, I’ll ask for help with names in a future post and offer an award for the reader who provides me with the name I end up using. More to come on that later!


I’ve given my blog a facelift, dressed it up in a new suit and tie and added some language that seems to have solved the problem I was having with feeling pinned in before. Now, in the upper right hand quadrant of the header/banner, it reads: “Live with Purpose; Act with Character; Think with Clarity; Grow with Courage” This both sums up what I believe creates teh foundation for a life of deep joy very nicely, it broadens the scope of what the blog itself seems to allow.

Thank you to all who threw in their two cents. It was deeply appreciated. Hope you like the new look and feel. I do.

PS: A special thanks to my Mother-extraordinaire! With a background in computer graphics, she was the primary architect to building my new banner. Love you Mom!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay