You Are What You Think (the story of a pig who thought he was a man)


I remember hearing a story of a pig who thought he was a man. The other barn animals laughed him to scorn, held up pictures and diagrams to demonstrate quite clearly, and beyond refute, that the pig was indeed just a pig.

Then the pig walked out of the barn, shook his head in disbelief, and drove off in his red convertible.

You see, it doesn’t really matter what the stats say, who testifies otherwise, what evidence is produced or what investigations and opinion polls yield. If you believe you’re a pig, you will live your life as a pig.

But if you believe you’re a man, you will live as a man lives. You will stand erect and act courageously and nobly and decently–even if others are convinced you’re less than that.

Now imagine how you would live your life if you believed you were royalty … or lovable … or worthy … or awesome … or wise … or creative … or a child of God!

Your beliefs tie you to stakes in the mud or lift you to majestic heights.

What do you believe about yourself? Here’s a clue if you’re not sure: How are you living your life? If you are acting like a man, then you believe you are a man.

If not, start believing now and step out of the mud into your own red convertible of possibility.

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