Be Happy Anyway

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln

People will disappoint you. Be happy anyway.
Life will throw you off your plans. Be happy anyway
Others will lie and lead you astray. Be happy anyway.
Your face will wrinkle and your hair will thin. Be happy anyway.

Your memory will fade and your body will ache. Be happy anyway.
Friends will change and some will betray you. Be happy anyway.
Others will be richer, better liked, famous, beautiful. Be happy anyway.
You’ll give more than you receive. Be happy anyway.

Few people will fully measure up. Be happy anyway.
Some people will talk behind your back and spread rumors. Be happy anyway.
Computers, cars and homes break down. Be happy anyway.
It sometimes rains on parades. Be happy anyway.

Life waits for you …

Life is what you make of it. Not in the way you shape it to your liking, but in the way you discipline yourself to think about it, the way you cope with the disappointing parts, the way you form your attitude and perspective in relation to it.

Your happiness comes largely from your ability to view life from the perspective of gratitude. That, in fact, is the antidote to disappointment, wrinkles, comparisons, rumors and rain on parades.

So when life beats down upon you, smile, thank God you’re still alive, still in the game …

And be happy anyway.