Life is Messy (get used to it)

“Life is messy. The secret to a good life is not so much in tidying up life’s messiness, but in learning to deal with the reality of it.” ~KW

Life is a lot like baking a cake … at least the way I bake!

I get egg on my face, flour on the floor, all over the counter and in my hair. The dishes are dirty. The kitchen is a mess. Sticky goo is dripping from the edge of the bowl and off my fingers, splattered on the wall and usually in places we find months after the fact.

In a lot of ways, that’s pretty close to what life is like.

Eggs crack and plans fall apart, life gets gooey and sticky and dirty and messy and everything gets measured in wrong amounts as cakes fall and things are left a mess and we sometimes do things now that lead to problems later we never anticipated.

So instead of trying to cram the messy abundance of life into neat little packaged moments of perfection, (note: take a big breath here because this is a long sentence) learn to laugh at the unpredictable, smile at the inopportune, sigh at the unfortuitous and dance defiantly, but joyously, in the face of all those moments in life that crack and crumble and come crashing down on our heads, reminding us that we are indeed kinetically alive, juggling too much most of the time to even see the floor, but loving the random craziness of it all.

Embrace the messiness of life and life will surprisingly seem a tad less messy … on a good day, anyway.