To Stand Still is to Sink (in the ever changing current of life)

Changing waves

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. ~Will Rogers

Life is in constant flux. It’s an organic, moving, growing and shrinking thing, lifting and falling in undulating waves of constant change.

To simply stay on course, then, requires a sort of internal mobility—a willingness to bend and adapt, to learn and grow and stay tune to and up to date with the ever shifting tide of life.

Resting on laurels and plateauing on past accomplishments is to inevitably drift into the eventual ebb of an ever-changing set of conditions. When we get complacent, we risk drowning in the riptide of life’s undercurrents. When we set trajectories in stone and allow our lives to run on automatic pilot, we forfeit the ability to reset to new currents and readjust to unexpected turbulence.

Think about relationships that have plateaued: They get stale. Think about professions that stagnate: They become boring jobs. Think about any task done without variation or improvement: It becomes monotonous, unsatisfying and unmotivating. And think about a life without challenge or change: It becomes uninspiring.

There is genius in action. There is wonder and inspiration in movement. There are miracles when we dive head-first into the crashing waves of life. While it’s important to be tethered to reality, it’s also time to dive into the life you were meant to live and start enjoy its crashing, roiling, foaming exuberance.

Never allow your passion to die a premature death. Never allow your hunger to go unfed. Never allow the life you were meant to live to shrivel on the vine. Never allow your dreams to atrophy from chronic neglect. The main difference between those who live out their dreams and those who don’t is action. Some dream. Some act. A select few take action on their dreams.

It’s time to to take action on your dreams and fill your life with the happiness that comes from feeding the hunger that stirs your soul.

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