Pithy Love (24 of my favorite amorous one-liners)

For this Valentine’s Day, I offer you some of my most pithy thoughts on humanity’s favorite topic. Perhaps you’ll even find a nugget of wisdom buried amongst all the pith as well! Let me know which ones you liked the best!

Love without patience is like candy without sugar. (Tweet)

Loving yourself is the foundation on which loving others is made possible.

It has always been easier to keep love than regain it. (Tweet)

Love is the soil from which souls can grow to awe-inspiring heights.

Love compels attention, longing and honesty.

Fear breads jealousy. Love breads confidence. (Tweet)

Without trust, love withers on the vine and dies a slow death.

Love is the window through which we can see the beauty of another from the inside out.

Love removes masks and unchains hearts and unlocks prison doors that trap us behind the bars of self-doubt.

Love is an art and a discipline and a miracle and a mystery and an attitude and a wild emotion and a calm assurance and a steady acceptance and a solid commitment all mixed into one amazing breath of fresh air.

Love respects the highest, most noble parts in others, even when they can’t see it in themselves.

Love recognizes a sleeping garden even in the thick of a briar patch, overgrown with weeds.

Love is not blind to the imperfections in others. Rather, it’s simply humble before them.

Without love, we wither. It’s not that we necessarily need romantic love, but it’s undeniable that our hearts need someone else’s heart to beat in sync with.

Love requires courage because to love is to open one’s whole soul to another, risking complete vulnerability, openness and the possibility of deep emotional trauma.

To truly love someone, you must risk the friendship to serve the best that is inside them.

To love is to accept and overlook.

Love is the ability to see beauty long after mirrors stop showing it. (Tweet)

Loving another is to treat them as though they deserved it.

Love doesn’t magically appear; it is deliberately planted. (Tweet)

Love may show up at your door unannounced, but it only stays if you invite it to linger. (Tweet)

Loving those who are most difficult to love is the highest and truest measure of the quality of your love.

Falling in love does not require moral character or sacrifice or service or humility or patience or trust or forgiveness. But staying in love does.

Love doesn’t hurt and never will. Insecurity and fear and the failure of love is what hurts.

Forgiveness is love’s reset button. (Tweet)

I don’t care how much you feel love for me; I only care how much you treat me lovingly.

If love were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

To be loved, LOVE!

I hope you have enjoyed my one-liner thoughts on love. May love be the constant wind in your sails, moving you closer to the deepest beauties and simplest joys that life affords us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!