Today is the Day (make it matter)

Mark it in your calendar. Today will be unlike any previous set of 24 hours. It will never reoccur. It will never return. You will never have a second chance to relive it. This day is unique unto itself, a gift to be opened, to be cherished, to be lived.

But how are you going to live it?

Will it be like yesterday? And the day before and last week and last year? Or will you set your sights on something higher?

Since no two days are exactly alike, why not intentionally live this one unlike any other you’ve lived before?

Start something new. Learn something you never knew. Do something you’ve only imagined. Shake off the resistance, the worry and fear. Step past the embarrassment, laziness and indifference and do something today that will change the trajectory of your life. Press so hard against your comfort zone that the sides simply give way and you burst onto a strange and wonderful new path.

Sign up for the class. Buy the tickets. Reserve the seats. Ask the question. Set the goal. Plan the move. Take the lessons. Arrange the interview. Read the book. Start the project. Do the thing your heart aches to do.

Let your soul delight in the newness of the experience. Let your mind explore the depth and possibilities. Don’t stress over it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t wonder what others will think about it. If it stirs your soul and is in harmony with truth, step into it. Embrace it.

Don’t think. Just do. Change. Accept. Get into it. Absorb it. Dance with it. Be it. Enjoy it. Flow with it.

It’s your day. Make it special. Make it memorable. Make it matter.