My Single Greatest Source of Strength

When life gets dark and difficult, when it gets dim and murky, when I’m disillusioned or frustrated or down, there are things I do to feel better (work out, play soccer, play guitar, write about it, and so on).

But one source of strength and comfort rises to the top of the list for me.

When I just can’t seem to see straight and I’m bent over with burdens that weigh me down, if I drop to my knees and petition a Higher Source for insight and inspiration, inner strength and direction, for solace and motivation and faith and the courage to continue on, I find I’m able to withstand the pressures a little better, see more clearly, act more decisively and stand a little taller than before I knelt.

What improves my sessions with God is my naked openness, my humble petitions, my heart-felt expressions of gratitude, sincere desire and my belief that prayer works. What also helps is to open myself for inspiration, refusing to put into God’s mouth the words I want to hear. I also do better when I sit and meditate on the things I prayed about, “listening” for impressions and strength and inspiration. Then I write it down and go about working to make sure His answers are realized in my life.

Funny how we get answers to our prayers so much more often when we play a role in seeing the answers come to fruition. When we sit and wait for God to do all the work, we sometimes find ourselves sitting for long periods of time.