Sorry Folks! In my ongoing efforts to end the deluge of spam, I overshot.

I didn’t mean for this to be an actual post, just an announcement that the problem with posting Comments on my posts has been fixed. But as long as lots of people are clicking here, I might as well say something!

So here goes!

While spammers have been a constant problem here at M2bH, I think there is a bigger problem with what you might call Life-Spam. But first, let’s define our terms.

Question: What is spam/spamming/spammers?

Answer: It is a bunch of little people, manipulators, using other peoples’ legitimate work to forward their agenda, despite the harm they do, the inconvenience they cause, the precious time they waste, and the falseness of the premise behind what they do. They are scammers in sheep’s clothing, liars who seemingly couldn’t care less about the effect they have on others. Spam is the time wasting froth of life, the bugs in the system that slip here and slip there and rob seconds and minutes that fade into hours and days of time that drift and sink and float away into oblivion.

Defined this way, we have spam and spammers in our lives other than on our blogs and in our emails? Life is filled with spam in the form of those things that rob us of our precious moments, scam us out of doing something truly meaningful.

Haven’t we all spent hour after hour — over the course of a day or a week or a month — doing something (TV? Facebook? Youtube? X-box? Drinking? Viewing trash online? Texting?) that left you feeling like you wasted so much time, time that was really needed for other things, that could have been used to enhance some corner of your life, improved some aspect of you life, overcome some obstacle in your life?

1. Do you spend the time to go through every piece of junk mail? If you do, you’ve been spammed!

2. Do you spend hours reading meaningless posts about what people are eating for dinner and when they are going to work and what color pajamas they are wearing to bed on Facebook? You’ve been spammed!

3. Do you sit on the couch with the remote and click and click and click and click, never really settling in to watch a particular show, just watching TV? You’ve been spammed!

How much time does all the spammed time each day add up to at the end of the week? What about the month? How about the year? What can you do with those kinds of hours? Could there have been equally relaxing, but much more deeply rewarding activities you could have engaged in instead of the spam you were occupied with?

So develop ways of blocking the spam in your life and life will become more rewarding. Projects you thought you never had time for will miraculously get completed. You will feel better about life because more of life will actually be lived! And your new spam-free life will be more rewarding, fulfilling and happy.

Good luck!

Photo by Pixabay