4 Ways to Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life

By Akash Gautam

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” ~Albert Einstein

It is a common experience amongst us human beings, that on the days we feel more joyful, the world itself looks a whole lot brighter. This experience is no magic and is not a coincidence. We are constantly creating our realities as we go.

Our seat of experience lies within us. Not outside, in our circumstances. Quantum physics tells us that the very act of observation changes what is being observed. This means that through the simple act of perception we are constantly altering the nature and fabric of the very reality we experience.

4 Changes that can Alter your Reality

1. Change your perspective

We decide how to respond to life situations. When we change our perspective, we change everything. For instance, when you look at a box from the front, you notice only one side. The others are hidden. However, if you look at it from above, you notice that there is much more to it.

Although this might seem a little simplistic, our perspective just requires a little shift to reveal a whole world of possibility that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

If you believe failure to be the end, well then it is. But if you consider that all failure is an opportunity to grow and learn, then you will move ahead with more confidence.

2. Become aware of and eliminate negative self talk

The majority of humanity would testify to the endless chatter that rages in our heads. Most of this chatter is self-defeating and negative; if it were not, the world would be full of happy faces and people pursuing their dreams.

Most of us are not even aware of the ways in which we limit and criticize ourselves on a daily basis. The first step is to become aware of this chatter and then to recognize certain repetitive patterns that run like old records in our heads.

Once we know what they are, we can begin to accept these patterns for what they are: no more than thoughts run wild. We created them and so we can re-create self-affirming , positive thought patterns that serve us. With practice, we can change the entire way we think.

3. Reacting vs. Responding

Life is full of uncertainty that can throw anything at us without a moment’s notice. If you observe any animal closely, you will notice that their every action is driven by the instinct of self-preservation.

They react to any and all changes in their environment. Most are not capable of a conscious thought and so are not capable of responding.

Responding to a situation means you take time to think about it and use your ability to reason to figure out an appropriate solution or response. When you react, you bypass your human ability and turn into an animal, which is bound to create problems and frustrations. Do not spontaneously react; thoughtfully Respond.

4. Develop the practice of observation

Everyday spend some time alone, even if it is only for five minutes. Sit quietly and observe your mind. Do not engage with it, simply let it do and say whatever it wants. Pretend you are watching a movie. This is a key step towards understanding your mind and why it functions the way it does.

Many meditation techniques focus on the act or principle of observation. By sitting quietly in this manner and allowing your mind to do its thing, you will eventually slow it down and bring it to rest.

This may take some time and practice, but the yield far outweighs the investment. It is, in fact, a no-risk, high-yield investment. A mind at rest is a clear and calm mind that has the potential to achieve wonders.

Too many of us spend too little time on developing our faculties and just expect things to fall in place. Your external situation is merely a reflection of your mindset. When you develop and understand your mind, you change everything.

So, begin the journey and watch the magic unfold.


Akash Gautam is a Top Motivational Speaker in India. Hundreds of corporations, including Google, CIPLA, Vodafone, Maruti, HDFC and respected colleges like IIMs, IITs and SRCC call on Akash for his motivational expertise.