Motivation needs a Reminder

A well-known motivational guru was once challenged about the very idea of motivation. His antagonist complained that motivation doesn’t work because it doesn’t last. It wears off, so can’t be all the guru suggested it was.

The motivation guru smiled and reminded his challenger that eating doesn’t last very long either.

Daily Motivation

And so we return time and time again for that bit of inspiration, that motivating reminder to live our highest selves, to grow and persist in the right things the right way, to treat others how we would be treated, to respect ourselves, to forgive shortcomings and keep at this thing called life in a way that itself becomes a source of inspiration to others.

These are the things motivation and inspiration do. It’s why church is weekly and prayers are daily. It’s why I do what I do here. I need this stuff as much as the next person. And so we read and we apply and we grow, one day, one step, one spark of inspiration and motivation at a time.

And when we get off course or forget our truest selves or compromise our best selves or find our happiness rings a little flat, or otherwise find ourselves unmotivated and uninspired, we return once again in search of that spark, that reminder or epiphany that wakes us up and sends us off ready for life’s next challenge.

That’s what motivation and inspiration are for, after all.

We can no more say motivation doesn’t work because it doesn’t last as you can say bathing doesn’t work for the same reason.