Life is No Big Deal: it’s a bunch of little ones

“An amazing life is made up of surprisingly mundane smaller parts.” ~KW

Life is composed of lots of little things.

It’s the hugs in the morning and the soft reply to harsh words. It’s the “please” and “thank you” and “sorry.”

It’s holding doors and kisses and listening to the endless stories about friends and funny things that happened at school and notes and flowers and soccer practice. It includes brushing teeth and eating veggies and doing sit-ups and playing Uno and cuddling on the couch.

Life is really an accumulation of daily small stuff that adds up to one huge thing called living. It’s also called love … and kindness … and family.

So don’t neglect the small stuff or you’ll have one big hairy mess on your hands that will very likely be very difficult to clean up. But if you want the big stuff, like happiness and self-fulfillment and confident children and a close marriage and good health, then pay attention to the little things.

That, after all, is how big things are made.