How to Live Daily, Filling Each Moment with Meaning and Purpose

I was recently inspired by a post written by Stuart Mills of Unlock the Door called, There Is No New Year Just A New Day.

It got me thinking.

While a new year is a nice benchmark of sorts, its really only one day after the day before. It holds no magic.

Perhaps better than endless New Years Resolutions that seem so often to start and stop and start and flounder and start and end, would be to daily resolve to live that one 24-hour chunk of time to its fullest.

Perhaps my long-term goals would not seem so difficult to achieve if my aim was at my feet, on what I was doing now, making the current moment count.

And maybe by carving out an amazing day, all those amazingly meaningful days would add up to an amazingly beautiful life of joy and happiness and achievement.

And so I’m inspired today to share with you my 43 commitments to each day of this New Year.

I resolve to do the following every day (or at least virtually every day!) of 2012:

I resolve …

1. To laugh (often)

2. To hug my children (a lot)

3. To kiss my wife (passionately)

4. To ponder and pray sincerely

5. To liberally express my gratitude to others

6. To make physical contact (a handshake, pat on the back, a hug)

7. To read a verse or paragraph or chapter from scripture or an inspirational book

8. To smile at friends and strangers

9. To do something kind for someone else without expectation

10. To meet someone new

11. To look for the good in others

12. To assume good intent even in others’ hurtful words and deeds

13. To start my day with a plan

14. To adjust my plan freely and willingly to changing circumstances

15. To be open to new opportunities

16. To be totally in the moment with my wife and kids

17. To learn something new (a concept, a strategy, a fact, a principle)

18. To commit something to memory (a poem, a verse, a joke, a quote, a new word, a song)

19. To relearn something I’ve forgotten

20. To sing even though I can’t hold a tune just because I love to

21. To forgive spontaneously

22. To do something nice for my wife (pick her a flower, write her a note, wash the dishes, give her a massage)

23. To eat something raw (fruit, veggies, salad, nuts, something)

24. To do or learn something unexpected to keep things interesting (play the harmonica, write a poem, look online for a family activity or project, find my Rollerblades and skate around the block, juggle)

25. To exercise, even if only doing some pushups or sit-ups that day

26. To accept the truth no matter where I hear it or the attitude of the person delivering it

27. To inspire or encourage someone along life’s road

28. To live my life in a way as to exemplify what I share here, even if very imperfectly

29. To apologize quickly and sincerely (don’t worry, there will be daily opportunities for it! :))

30. To tell the people in my life how wonderful, valuable and amazing they are

31. To look for opportunities to serve, bless and befriend

32. To be patient with my children, others and myself as we stumble down that road

33. To take a simple step toward changes I want in my life, the goals I’m passionate about and the life I want to lead in the way I want it led.

34. To tell the truth and live with integrity

35. To put myself in others’ shoes before reacting

36. To choose my reactions, never accepting the victim-mentality that my reactions are dictated by others actions

37. To pursue, exercise and otherwise express my passion

38. To think clearly

39. To grow courageously

40. To act with character

41. To live with purpose

42. To work to improve what I provide you here

43. To be the man I would want my son to become


Some of these resolutions will be easy. I smile all the time. I probably laugh at times I shouldn’t (ever try to discipline a misbehaving 5 year old boy when he’s dancing naked after getting out of the bath? It can’t be done with a straight face!). And hugging and handshaking will be a breeze as well.

Others will be more difficult and will take more from me to accomplish (pride can cause me to hesitate when I should apologize, meeting someone new every single day will take some planning and maybe a little stretching outside my comfort zone).

But the year will be a better year, my life will be that much more meaningful, others’ lives will be touched by me and mine will be moved for having touched theirs.

And that’s not a bad way to live each day God has granted me on this amazing spinning globe of ours!

Your Turn!

  • How will you live your life differently in 2012?
  • What are you committed to doing (virtually) everyday?
  • Be awesome and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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