How to Change the World When You Don’t Even Have Darth Vader’s Evil Powers

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

So, are you ready to change the world? Do you believe you can?

I do.

“But how?” you might be wondering.

Well, the answer is quite simple. I won’t be amassing armies of clones or droids. I won’t be zipping around the universe, zapping everything that disagrees or opposes me. I won’t use intimidation or usurpation or fear. I won’t even try to exercise any mind control tricks on the unsuspecting masses.

In fact, I’m going to change the world one person at a time.

That’s it.

Simple, right?

On one level, it’s all about YOU reading these words right now. I have YOU in mind as I craft the words I share with you week in and week out. You’re in my heart as I express the ideas that I spend so much time researching, thinking and writing about, editing and rewriting every day.

You’re part of my vision. You’re part of my plan. And you’re part of my passion. You’re why I do this.

It’s Easier Than You Think

My plans are not so outlandish as they may appear at first blush.

Anyone can influence change in one person, after all. So why not two? Or ten? Or 100? Then why not more?

Even if I only help 100 people make life-altering changes, that’s 100 of 7 billion people who change.

You see, by changing any part of the world, I’ve changed the world itself just as changing an ingredient in a cake, changes the cake. And even 1/7,000,000,000th of a change is still a change.

But where would someone who plans on changing the world one person at a time begin? Who is that single person to start the ball rolling, to build momentum, whose change will most enable me to carry out my global aspirations?

Sure, writing articles here for you is one way to reach out and touch lives beyond the shout of my voice, extending my thoughts and ideas to eyes and ears that otherwise would never hear them. But more fundamentally, my game plan is even more basic than that.

How to Begin

Here’s the secret to my plans to change the world (drum roll): I plan to change the world by changing the man writing these words, thinking these thoughts, setting these goals. You see, I’ll start by changing me.

That’s the one person I’ll begin with, the one who will initiate the momentum needed to change an ever increasingly larger chunk of the world.

The thing is, once he’s changed, I’ll almost automatically begin to influence others around me, those who know me, who I’m married to and who call me dad and brother and neighbor and friend in subtle and real ways.

The beauty of the plan is not only in the simple obviousness of it as a starting point, but in the fact that, in the end, I’m the only one I can directly control anyway. I’m also guaranteed a willing follower, even if not always as pliable to my will as desired.

Really, that’s where any revolution must begin. People just don’t follow unexemplified and disembodied words. True leadership is leadership by example, by loving, by caring, by doing and by being.

But I don’t plan on stopping there!

The Nature of the Change

Meant to be Happy is the extension of that desire to effect change in others, to inspire more from all of us. It’s the format for my own personal growth and the hope that others will read my thoughts and want to come back to discover other ways to take steps into a life of immense joy and dizzying happiness with me.

That, then, is the nature of the change I plan on instigating. Really, it’s all in the header of my blog: Strong character. Courageous growth. Clarity of thought. Purposeful living.

By making such changes in our lives, the happiness we all want, the potential of it in its highest and brightest form, its durability even at its testing points in life becomes the possibility and even the likelihood we strive to attain.

Let’s Start … Today!

So join the quest! The march is on! We’re headed for the hearts and souls of 7 billion brothers and sisters.

Let’s go change the world and let’s get started today! Start by lifting up the hood of your own life, tinkering around with the gears that drive you forward. Shine and polish the dashboard of your life.

Then march forward with me in love and faith, blessing one, then two, then 10, then 100, then many, many more lives.

And watch the world around us change!

By ourselves, we can do it.

Together, we’re unstoppable!


When all is said and done, we really only have one of three options to choose from:

  1. We can oppose the movement to change the world.
  2. We can get on board and be a part of that movement.
  3. We can watch the marchers march on by and hope one day to have more time to do our part.


  • So what are you going to do? March, get in the way or sit on the sidelines?
  • How will you join the march to change the world?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo credit: Stephanie Rutt