Fail Big or Go Home

Fail big

“Dream big and dare to fail.” ~Norman Vaughan

To fail is to prove you’re alive, trying new things, taking risks, setting goals and moving forward. To protect yourself from failure is to never venture anything big, anything difficult, anything worthy of being dreamed. It is to isolate yourself from the process of possibility and relegate yourself into the obscurity of the hesitant.

To never fail is one way we can know our dreams are too small.

Failure is inevitable for anyone willing to chase bold and hairy dreams. It is the universe correcting our misuse of energy. It is one way we learn there is a better way to allocate our personal assets and resources. Failure is heaven’s reminder that we took a wrong turn and need to course-correct. It is the process of life teaching us how to live it better.

So dare to dream. Dare to pursue your dreams. And dare to fail big in that pursuit.

Otherwise, you’re likely aiming too low.

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