A Note along the Road to Happiness

What would a Heavenly note of encouragement sound like? What might it say? I like to think it might go something like this:

I see too many of you living life beneath your potential. I see my greatest creation – you! – walking the journey I sent you to travel with great burdens of sadness, of doubt, fear and despair.

But why?

Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten where you come from? Have you forgotten who your spiritual Parent is? Have you forgotten that a part of my divinity beats in the genetic coding of your heart?

I ask such questions, not as a slap in the face for being less than you could be, but as a statement of faith in who you can become!

So stand up! Go live life! You have the capacity for greatness. You can live an abundant life of deep, refreshing, and rewarding joy. You can overcome anything! You can become anything! You have divine potential! So go and realize it!


Who do you want to be? What quality of life do you want to live? Write it down. Plan it out. And start moving, one step at a time, ever closer to it.

I created life for you, after all! Don’t waste it, not a single moment. Your time is so incredibly valuable. There is a place for rest and recreation, of course. But don’t let the precious time I’ve given you drip away, moment by moment down the drain of wasted opportunity, until there’s little time left to complete your mission here.

Yes, you have a mission to complete. It is general in nature, common to all, and very specific, just for you. Your own, very specific life mission is one you need to discover largely on your own. No one else can give it to you. I’ll help you discover it, but you won’t find it sitting on the couch watching TV.

But I will tell you your general mission: It’s to live a life of faith, decency and character. Happiness is the barometer that measures how you’re doing. It’s also the incentive to develop those traits and qualities essential to that mission.

So, be happy! Discover the principles of happiness. Apply the principles you discover. Then experience a happy life. Along the way, if you seek it, you will discover the particular purpose you were meant to fulfill here.

There is a specific purpose for your life … for you personally … here, now. Its discovery – whether sudden or gradual – will be one of the great moments in your life. That discovery will add depth and passion and meaning and purpose to your life in spectacular ways.


Life is meant to stretch you. Stretching is uncomfortable. If you are particularly inflexible, it can hurt a bit. But understand that in the final scheme of things, a bit of pain is really no big thing. We are, after all, talking about eternity.

Endlessness is the context for the spot of time you call mortality during which you have been suffering, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually … or all three! But still, it’s so short a time. Endure it well! It will stop. There is an end. There is eternal opportunity and joy and happiness beyond your ability to comprehend or imagine. But it comes at the end of your time here.

For you who are starting the climb from a very dark place in your life, it may require some professional guidance. If that’s the case, please seek it. Here’s a good place to start: http://psychcentral.com/find-therapist/

But the most important thing is to begin taking the steps that will inch you closer to the goal of a happy life. So, get started!

In the meantime, allow life to strengthen the softer underdeveloped parts of your character and to wear down the rougher edges. That process can pinch a bit. But it’s supposed to. Change can hurt.

Still, there is also so much joy to be had along the way – more than most of you experience. Be open to it. Learn the principles a happy life is built upon, then begin enjoying its fruit.


You were meant to be happy. That’s the object and design of your existence. I want you to truly believe this as fact, deep down in your insides. Let that message fill your heart, penetrate the thickest most obstinate barriers of your subconscious mind and expand to fill the depth and breadth of your identity.

Here’s a promise I make to you: As you travel the road to happiness, you will come to feel much better about being you and about life and living.

You were made for better things than you now believe. But remember, I made you. That in itself should compel you to believe that you were, in fact, meant to live better. You can be happy. Travel the path correctly, long enough and you will be happier than you thought was possible.

So go forget yourself in the service of others! Smile. Be kind. Be good. Live your life so that you can respect yourself. Be the person you know you can be. I believe in you.

So believe in yourself!

And be happy!

Signed from Above …


  • Do you believe Heaven cares about your happiness?
  • Have you had an experience that has demonstrated to you that Someone is watching, cares, and is guiding you through tough times?
  • Please share your experience in comments.

Photo by Pixabay