10 Ways to Find Creative Ideas That Turn Your Passion Into Profits

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The main roadblock that holds most people from following their passion is MONEY.

That’s what gives the paycheck its dominant power over our dreams.

If money was not an option, most people would quit or change their careers in pursuit of their passions.

But in reality, the biggest question is still, “How can my passion put food on the table so that I can switch to do it full time?”

Money is important. And it makes our passionate living easier.

However, there is a very powerful alternative for money.

Almost all successful people used this alternative, because they all start their success quest lacking enough money.

They use this alternative to create something that will attract money in large amounts later on.

The good news is that we all own this alternative. It is totally under our control. It is always there under our command to unleash and use at any time.

This powerful alternative is CREATIVE IDEAS.

I believe that you are only one idea away from realizing your full potential and turning your
passion into a wildly profitable venture.

One bold crazy idea can generate mega buzz in your market that turns your passion into a
worldwide sensation.

Here are 10 ways to find such creative ideas that turn your passion into profits:

1. Simplify the Complicated

That’s creativity in its best form. An obvious example is the kitchen machinery. Businesses in this field look for ways to make the most complicated cooking tasks simple.

2. Doing the Ordinary in an Extraordinary Way

Look for ways to do something in a better, faster, easier or cheaper way. Reach the same results in a totally unexpected way.

For example, when e-books were born in 1971, the first steps of Project Gutenberg, they

revolutionized the way of reading, writing and sharing knowledge.

They provided an extraordinary alternative to reading paper books. Now with advance technology, you can instantly download and read a bestselling book on a magical device like the iPad or Kindle. – something that adds an extraordinary touch to your reading experience.

That was all started because of an idea to turn published books into digital format.

3. Act on your ideas

Action initiates momentum and attracts even more creative ideas. Have you ever suffered from the unpleasant experience of seeing your ideas come to life in the hands of someone else?!

If you’ve got an idea, test it immediately on the smallest scale possible.

Who knows? That small test can turn into a mega success.

4. Curiosity

You got to have an intense interest in people and things.

French novelist and author, Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

A friend of mine once wrote an amazing article on his Facebook profile entitled “The first timer”.

The idea was very simple. He encouraged people to experience everything as if it is their first time. That’s a baby approach towards life.

5. Find Solution to a Problem

Who has a problem you know how to solve? State clearly the problem you wish to solve and put it in the form of a question.

Your mind is the most powerful research device ever created.

I always rely on the principle that says, “Ask and you shall receive”. If you ask the right questions, you’ll receive the right answers.

This is how I created the P.A.S. Technique, the world’s easiest way to find your passion and purpose in life.

I asked myself, “How can I create a technique that allows people to find their life’s purpose in the fastest and easiest way possible and without asking any sort of reflection or soul searching questions?”

6. Travel

“Change of scenery will beget a change of thought” – Barbara J. Winter, author of Making a
Living Without a Job.

Travel to new places. Experience new cultures. Look for new business ideas that you don’t
have at home.

7. Expose Yourself to New Ideas:

Expose yourself to ideas from a different field and see whether you can adapt them to your

Recently, I started reading national geographic and try to find creative analogies between nature’s and world’s news and the motivation and personal development field.

This led to writing several creative articles that my readers liked a lot.

Examples of articles I recently wrote that way are: “How Can You Live Smarter With 30,000 Lenses Per Eye?”, “How Can a Lost Leopard Help You Create a Better Future?” and “How Can This Unbelievable NASA Discovery Increase Your Chances To Live Your Passion?”

8. Calming Activities

Meditation, yoga or other calming activities recharges your mind and ignites your creative juices.

In the animation movie Kung Fu Panda, I remember a scene where master Oogway was teaching master Shifo an important lesson saying, “When your mind is agitated it becomes difficult to see. But when you let it settle, the answer becomes clear.”

9. Brainstorm or Form a Mastermind Group

Brainstorm creative ideas with a group of friends or form a mastermind group of up to 5 people who either share the same passion or pursue different passions.

Gather on a regular basis and discuss creative ideas that boost your passion and profits.

10. Become a Trend-Watcher

It’s been said that it is always easier to ride the horse in the direction the horse is going.

Watch the new trends in your community. Notice what is happening in your world, what changes are evolving in your society and what new problems that are arising.

This way you can tap into hot trends and make huge profits by being the first to provide or introduce new technologies, services or solutions.

These are 10 of the most powerful ways to find creative ideas.

Implement one or more approaches and you’ll never feel the lack of money again. A solid well investigated idea can attract huge amounts of money.

That’s how all successful people started – with ONE creative idea that took their market by surprise, they turned their passions into a worldwide sensation.

What is your ONE IDEA? Find it and you’ll find your breakthrough.

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